The true success of a commercial landscape is not only dependent on how cool it looks, on how many water features it has or how funky the lighting and furniture are. It depends on return customers.

LSA Design understands this and ensures that each commercial project is not only unique in its aesthetic but more importantly engages the visitor in a dynamic way.

‘...the success of a commercial landscape is as much dependent on the emotional impact it has on its visitor as its design aesthetics... maybe even more…’

Visitors form an emotional connection to the space. This bond compels the shoppers to return in the future to see how the space has evolved and how they can engage with it in a new way.

These return customers are the deciding variable that determines whether a project succeeds or whether a competitor’s will. People talk about how interesting a place is; they spread the word as to where there is something new and amazing to experience. An interactive and dynamic landscape design draws in these return customers, giving a project the competitive edge.




The initial design phase of a residential project comprises finding answers to a number of specific questions:

What spaces exist and how do they fit together? Who will use these spaces? What type of activities will people engage in? How can the landscape integrate with the architecture? How will the site influence the design? Are there specific local traditions or cultural eccentricities that can be incorporated into the design? On the basis of these findings:

‘LSA Design develops a BIG IDEA that binds each area, scale and element of the landscape together.’

This BIG IDEA is the sense of place, and through it people will feel a connection between various spaces within the landscape, they will feel the link between various features and they will find balance between all elements within the landscape.

Ultimately they will sense a connection to the landscape and will quickly develop an emotional bond with it.



play + education

Watching a child discover something new is an amazing thing. Letting their imaginations open up through new experiences and allowing them to learn through play are all invaluable to their growth and development. To do this they need to have fun!

‘LSA Design believes each playspace, large or small, must create opportunity, allowing kids to escape to another world.’

These worlds should provide moments of carefree play, they should encourage inquisitive interactions with the surroundings, and they should involve engagement for kids (and adults alike) with their peers.

Spaces need to be activated with unique, interesting and artful objects, complemented by traditional play elements. Most importantly they need to leave enough freedom for a child to exercise its sense of discovery and imagination, vital to a child’s mental and social development.


selected play + education projects

parks + planning

Thoughtful and holistic landscape planning is vitally important for the future of our planet. For the continued successful sustainable development of any nation as an environmentally-conscious land we must acknowledgement how detrimental an inadequate design can be and avoid it at all costs.

‘Woven into the planning process must be a fundamental understanding of how important a successfully integrated landscape is to any project’

Not only must this understanding be fundamental for each project, but it must also be acknowledged that successful landscape integration is of paramount importance for the liveability of the greater environment, the well-being of our society, the health of our economy, and the sustainability of our planet.

Environmentally sustainable design must be at the forefront of any planning project. LSA Design advocates this to all our clients.

While the fundamental principles of planning create structure and control at the large scale, the human scale provides the opportunity for fun and aesthetically bold spaces. LSA aims for the final product to be extremely liveable and interesting whilst supporting and caring for the environment, society and economy in which the project finds itself.


selected parks + planning projects

hotels + resorts

You arrive at your hotel after a long flight and all you want to do is wind down. Tomorrow you have an important meeting so you just want to get to your room and rest.

You arrive with your family for a heavy schedule of sight-seeing in one of the most amazing cities in the world. You can’t wait to settle into your room to start planning the following day’s activities.

‘Hotels require a special type of landscape that is both extravagant yet instantly welcoming.’

No matter which scenario is more common to you, the landscape undoubtedly has a huge impact on it, perhaps more subtly than you realise, but powerful all the same.

A well-conceived landscape sets the tone for your stay immediately upon arrival, when a moment of rest presents itself the landscape allows escape, while the amenity provided within the landscape, and the quality of the landscape, dictates whether this hotel will be forgotten upon departure or talked about and revisited again and again.


selected hotels + resorts