funmix roof garden

Beijing, China

Beijing Vanke Company Ltd.

Funmix Shopping Centre is a benchmark project, highlighting Vanke’s commitment to the environment, sustainability and innovative design.

The roof space, dominated by exposed ducting, pipes, and plant equipment, presented a compelling canvas upon which to create a unique landscape space.

Providing no brief, the client’s trust offered the opportunity for an innovative and pioneering design. Rather than hide the exposed equipment, it is visually incorporated and reinterpreted in the play equipment.

The result is a fabulously inventive playscape, formed by using the same materials as the roof equipment. Alongside this are a number of playful spaces whose aim is to attract people both during the day and night.


Funmix Mall was originally designed by Marc Deuschle while principal of Loci Studio. LSA Design was invited by Vanke to complete the design and control the design implementation.