hobart place

Canberra City Centre, Australia

Crafted Development

Located in the heart of Canberra, this project is unique: although part of a residential development, it involves the reinstatement of a public plaza adjacent to the towers. The public landscape will sit atop the completed subterranean carpark.
Envisaged as a chic and civic public space, Hobart Place will be a drawcard for the neighbouring developments. Fitting seamlessly within the surrounding landscape, this new addition will significantly elevate the overall appearance of the plaza. 

The centrepiece of the design is an elegantly moulded seat sculpture that darts to and from the building, creating a series of spaces and forming a central garden that rises from the plaza. 

The garden is beautifully planted, featuring large canopy trees, small flowering trees and trees with wonderful autumn colour. Its ground plane is defined by concrete paving, manicured lawns and gravel areas with single seats that visitors can position as they please.