Zhonghuan entry landmark

Suzhou, China

Suzhou Zen Landscape Design Company

The Zhonghuan entry landmark is the showpiece of a major ring road development which connects the Suzhou city centre with a new technology hub located 10km north of the city centre. This landmark is of huge importance since it provides the first impression of Suzhou any visitor from eastern China experiences.

Prominently situated between the vehicular and the high-speed train arrival points of the city, the entry statement reflects the heritage of the region and represents the forward-looking ideals of the city.

Seen mostly at high speed by passersby, the design development focussed on rhythm, scale, and movement of view. The result celebrates the local fishing culture where fishing poles, fishing nets, and net-making define daily life.

A similar style is proposed for structures along the ring road’s landscape spaces, informing the design of nodal landmarks as well as elements such as pergolas, stages, kiosks and cafes.