sydney Childrens hospital school (SCHS)

Randwick, Australia

Sydney Childrens Hospital School

The Sydney Childrens Hospital School provides schooling for children from kindergarten to year 12. Its playground should offer young inpatients respite from the hospital's routine; a quiet, healing space away from the medical routine, the smells and artificial lighting of the wards. Simultaneously, it should cater to accompanying healthy siblings - these children have a desperate need to run and play and burn off excess energy.  Finally, it should be an outdoor learning environment - a place to conduct classes in the fresh air.

After facilitating workshops with students, teachers and hospital staff, LSA Design prepared a concept design creating multiple flexible spaces, including a mix of active, passive and teaching possibilities. All areas included powerpoints and digital connectivity for medical and teaching equipment.

LSA Design’s concept for the Sydney Childrens Hospital School creates spaces that stimulate the minds and bodies of healthy as well as recuperating children; it creates spaces that excite infant, primary school and high school students alike; it creates spaces that allow engagement by kids of all intellectual and physical abilities; and it creates spaces that simultaneously support and inspire the amazing teachers and staff of the Sydney Childrens Hospital School.