the evolution of successful place-making

Visitors that form an emotional connection to a place are compelled to return to see how it evolves with time and how they can engage with it in new ways each time they return. They want to see how it changes and want to take ownership of that change.

These return visits are the deciding variable that determines whether a project succeeds. People talk about how interesting a place is; they spread the word about where there is something new and amazing to experience. An interactive and dynamic landscape design amplifies this talk, giving a project the edge it needs to thrive.

We design our spaces to be vital, attracting people from diverse areas and offering them choice in how they interact with the spaces we create. We aim to attract in meaningful ways, enriching people’s lives by offering them excitement, hope and wonder.

Meaningful landscape design can not be undertaken in isolation and be underpinned only by necessary provisions such as circulation, accessibility and solar access. These of course are a must, but they are not enough to make a space a destination.

Instead, landscape design requires thought well beyond basic necessities to truly flourish. It must be complemented by a strong program of activity, of art and of music. It must consider how the space can be a performance or be performed within.

To become a Place that entices people to come, to stay, and more importantly to return, it must display a number of strengths and qualities.

It must have an economic strength, it must have a social strength, it must be environmentally sensitive (both toward the natural and human-made environments) and it must delight aesthetically. These need not be evident in equal measure but for a space to truly succeed their combination is essential.

Consideration of the nighttime use is paramount. The evening changes the spatial dynamics and opportunities for activation are new, different, and more focussed. Hence integration of light, visual media, and considerations about human interaction, become far more intense after-dark.

We care deeply about the success of the projects we work on, we care deeply about the people we design for, and we care deeply about the success of our projects.

Public space is alive and constantly evolving. The public realm reacts to its users and its users react to it. When truly successful a place creates opportunities – overt, subtle and in-between – that allow the place and people to evolve together.

We ensure all of our projects are instilled with a rich identity – a unique, bold and contextual character – that permeates every scale of the design. Visitors will take ownership and further evolve the place into a wonderful public realm.