rui Bai art mall

Dalian City, China


Rui Bai aims to break the mould of the typical shopping mall, with ambition to build not a mere retail space but an extraordinary, vibrant living environment. Hence the landscape, inspired by the architectural geometry, is created as an ever-evolving artscape.

Directly below the water-drop-shaped skylight is the gravitational centre of the mall. As people approach the site they are drawn together in the way water drops attract each other. The water drops begin to ebb and flow, creating drama and influencing all aspects of the landscape design.

The water-drop idea is reflected in seats, planter beds and highlights in the paving. Most importantly, it forms outdoor gallery spaces to display ephemeral and semi-permanent art.

Visitors may watch an artist create his work in situ or view touring sculptural pieces from local and international galleries. Ultimately, this increases the centre’s attractiveness and financial success.