Shixi Road

Guiyang, China
Guiyang City [with JWDA Shanghai]

Guiyang is renowned for its rich artistic heritage seen most notably in the elaborate tapestries from this region.

Looking to the future, Guiyang is a city pushing itself to the forefront of contemporary life. It must make this change while honouring its heritage.

The landscape of Shixi Road gives a clear example of how this can be achieved.

Tapestries are made up of many threads intertwined to form a greater beauty than any one thread can create on its own. In the same way, the landscape is a combination of five threads which together form a complex network of beautiful and functional landscape spaces.

Each thread helps define the use of the space, its aesthetic and its function, and together they form a virtual landscape tapestry that gives Shixi Road a strong, unified character and a beautiful, dynamic aesthetic.

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